Trish Rogers Originals creates beautiful bespoke handcrafted jewellery from 6000-year-old bog oak and spalted beech, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings and one-off sculptures, giving customers a piece of Ireland they can treasure. Perfect for gifting to a loved one, or for enjoying as a personal present, each product is made with care at Trish’s spacious home studio in Belfast. Trish also uses reclaimed slate to create home and decor ware.

Relics from the past

All Trish Rogers Originals products are handcrafted from ancient bog oak and spalted beech, as these particular materials give a unique beauty to each finished piece. Meanwhile, the wood is carefully hand-selected by Trish herself, ensuring the very best quality.

Wear a piece of Irish history

Bog Oak

Authenticated by Queens University Belfast (QUB) as being 6,000 years old, the bog oak used by Trish Rogers Originals means customers can wear or display a little piece of Irish history. An extremely hard wood, bog oak has a lustrous jet-black shade after being polished into its final form, with growth lines visible in some pieces, giving added character and depth to the products. Gathering the wood herself from the bog near her home, Trish carefully selects the pieces she thinks are best suited for sculpture or for jewellery. Often, these are large chunks of trees brought up from deep within the ground, which are many thousands of years old.

Spalted Beech

Some years ago, a large spalted beech growing in the grounds of Malone House in Barnett’s Park, Belfast, was felled by a storm, and it is this beech which Trish uses in her products. A softer wood than bog oak, spalted beech is threaded with beautiful black veins and has varying grains running throughout it. As a result, when Trish works with this particular wood, she never knows exactly what each piece will look like, as it continues to develop when sanded and polished. This means every spalted beech product will always be an original, with no two pieces identical.

Crafted with care

As the wood – especially the bog oak – takes a long time to dry, this lets Trish see the potential for each piece. Indeed, it changes its appearance while drying and the markings become more apparent and visual. The time taken to create each individual piece ultimately produces high-quality jewellery and sculptures inspired by the particular piece of wood they came from. This means customers can treasure a product created with a lot of thought and care.

My studio

All my work is done from my home where over two years I built a log cabin with wooden stables, studio and barns, so I live in and am surrounded by wood, something I adore. Working with the wood, I can lose myself for hours, thanks to the sheer love I have for the feel of it and the shaping of it into something new. I use the barns to store my raw wood while drying and then cut the pieces in my open barn, as there is a lot of dust produced when sanding. Also, when cutting the bog oak it will often smoke, as it is so hard and dense that the saw will get so hot it burns the wood.

The creative process

When shaping the wood, I do this depending on how each individual piece feels to me and how the grain looks. This will then inspire me as to how it will be shaped, making each piece unique. All the attachments I use to complete the pieces are high quality gold or silver-plated and are hypoallergenic, with any leather used soft and supple for comfortable wearing. The oils and wax I use are all-natural products as I’m passionate about ensuring everything is environmentally-friendly. These also give the best finish to each item, enhancing their overall beauty.

Slate ware

All my slate ware is made from reclaimed slate saving it from adding to the countryside landfill. All place mats and coasters are covered in a lacquer coat so they can be wiped and the food range has been finished with food safe oil.

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