Collection: Sculptures

My sculptures are made from Irish bog oak which I collect from a local source.

It is then carbon dated by Queens university, Belfast to ascertain the age of the wood. 95% of the wood I use is 4000BC making it over 6000 years old.

Each sculpture purchased is supplied with a copy of the letter from Queens University, Belfast.

I allow nature to determine the shape of the finished sculpture as during the process of removing all the old material, dead wood (from being in the ground so long) and the silt the hard core will be left. This process takes up to 5 years depending on the size of the starting piece and during this time I periodically continue to remove the old material.

I then go about sanding the piece and finally it is finished with natural oil and beeswax.

Most of my sculptures are mounted on spalted beech which with the black spalting on the pale wood gives a striking contrast.

Each sculpture is unique one of a kind.


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